Little Baby Grains Light & Easy from 6 months (PREMIUM Range)
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Brand Little Baby Grains
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 13 cm x 9 cm
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Try this blend for a little more fibre in your little one's diet! Step 2 Light & Easy can be introduced after your little one has tried Step 1 Fresh Start.

Premium natural white rice and organic millet suitable as baby's first foods from 6 months onwards. Can be cooked as porridge or rice. Naturally aromatic with a delicately sweet flavour, balanced with the earthy flavour of millet. This blend introduces a little more fibre into your little one's diet. Very soft and easy to cook, cooking on a stovetop takes about 15 minutes.

The white and red rice in our PREMIUM range are premium in nature as they are limited in production. These grains are naturally sweet-tasting, being planted in the mountainous regions of Borneo without the use of pesticides. Nutritionally, both PREMIUM and BASIC ranges have their respective strengths.